Pretty Mitten Designs - Artisan Jewelry Handmade in the Mitten State
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Michigan Symbols & Gemstones

Pretty Mitten Designs jewelry is inspired by the Mitten State, which is not only the cutest-shaped state in the nation, but has some of the most beautiful and inspiring state symbols and materials found anywhere. Here are a few of our inspirations:

The Michigan Mitten - Our Lower Peninsula, of course, inspires our logo and many of our custom charms.

Petoskey Stones -  Our State Stone.  This lovely form of fossil coral is unique to Michigan!

Michigan Gemstones - Quartz, jasper, agate and hematite are found in Michigan and in our jewelry.

Copper - The northern Upper Peninsula is known as "Copper Country" for its rich copper deposits.

The Motor City - Our Detroit "Wheels" charms and "MITN ST8" license plates honor our homemade autos!

Apple Blossom - Our beautiful State Flower.

Robins' Egg Blue - Is a favorite color in our designs, in honor of our State Bird, the cheery robin.

Cherries - Our northern Lower Peninsula and Traverse City are famous for the fruit and the festival!

Painted Turtle - Even our State Reptile is really cute!  (Thank goodness...)

Hearts - Because, after all, home is where the heart is and wherever your loved ones and neighbors are.

Other Inspirations, include:

Just look around you -- and you'll see it reflected in Pretty Mitten Designs: sunsets, sunshine, snowflakes and lake shores; the seasons and their colors; our cities, industries, Main Streets and resorts; fun, love and wonderful times with family and friends.